Chocolate Garnish Recipe

Learn how to make an easy chocolate garnish to beautify your desserts.

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Melting chocolate wafers


A fairly big chunk of melting chocolate

* You can usually find these in the bulk section of most grocery stores.


If using melting chocolate you will need to melt these down in a double boiler, or with a pot filled with water and a bowl that can rest on top of it. Use low heat when doing this.

When chocolate is melted pour into a small container (a small Tupperware, or glass container) lined with parchment paper, so that you can make a little brick of chocolate. Let this set, until chocolate has hardened up.

Now whether your using a big chunk, or the brick of melted chocolate. Take a straight edged knife, and with a bit of pressure, drag knife across the chocolate. It should curl and flake off.

Tip: Be sure not to handle chocolate too much as it will start to melt in your hands.

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