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Duchess Piped Potatoes With Veggies And A Cream Sauce Recipe

Duchess piped Potatoes with veggies and a cream sauce Recipe


2 pounds potatoes (Yukon Golds work well), peeled and cut into chunks
1/4 cup heavy cream
4 tablespoons unsalted butter, divided
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
3 egg yolks

2 cups cut Broccoli
2 cups baby carrots

cream sauce
1 cup milk
1 tbsp flour
1 tbsp butter
1/4 tsp salt



Place potatoes in a medium to large pot (3 qt) and cover with a couple inches of cold water. Bring to a simmer and cook until the potatoes about 20-25 minutes.

While the potatoes are boiling, melt 2 tablespoons of butter and set aside. You will use this butter to coat the potatoes right before they go in the oven.

Preheat the oven to 425°.

When the potatoes are cooked, drain in a colander and put the potatoes back in the pot set over low heat. Allow them to release steam for a minute or so. Add 2 tablespoons of butter and mash the potatoes until the butter has been incorporated. Add the nutmeg, black pepper, heavy cream and continue mashing the potatoes. Once everything is incorporated, add salt to taste and the egg yolks. Continue to mash until the mixture is smooth. Do not over-mash or your potatoes will end up with a gluey consistency.

Using a piping bag with a large star point, pipe the potatoes onto a cookie sheet. Paint the potatoes with the melted butter.

Bake in the 425°F oven until nicely browned.

Veggies with Cream Sauce

Place Broccoli and Carrots in steamer. cook until just tender

In a small sauce pan melt butter, mix in flour and salt. Add milk and bring just to a boil.

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