Summer Mint Mojito Recipe

The most refreshing summertime drink.

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Serves 2:
1 lime, juiced
1 cup fresh mint
1 can soda water
6 cubes ice
1 tbsp honey (if you prefer a quicker recipe - because you need to melt the honey, you can use sugar instead which dissolves easier in the lime juice)1-2 oz of white rum (optional - as you this is delicious with or without the rum).


Pick mint from your garden (or buy from store).

Cut lime in half and squeeze all of the juice.

If you are using sugar, mix it into the lime juice vigorously until dissolved.

If using honey, melt it in a small pan and then mix into lime juice.

In a measuring cup or medium bowl, use a muddler to crush your mint with lime juice/sugar combo to release the flavor.

Pour mixture into 2 glasses. (Clear is the most fun so you can see the yummy color)

Top with 3 ice cubes.

Pour in soda water to fill your glass, and stir.

Serve immediately.

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