Banana Split Recipe

This banana split recipe is an old classic, although the toppings vary, the base remains a constant.


1 cup scoop vanilla ice cream
1 cup scoop chocolate ice cream
1 cup scoop strawberry ice cream
1 large banana
4 Tablespoons chocolate syrup ( or Hot Fudge)

cake candy
almond slivers or nuts of your choice
fresh fruits
fresh mint leaves

(Makes 1 banana split)


You will need an oval banana split dish.

Do one scoop of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry icecream next to each other into the oval dish.

Cut the ends of the one banana.

Peel the banana and slice in half lengthwise.

Place a banana half on each side of the icecream scoops.

Drizzle chocolate syrup onto the scoops of ice cream and garnish as desired.