Caesar Drink With Pickled Beans Recipe

A very yummy Caesar beverage recipe. This simple recipe can have any extra garnishes you would like to add.


4 cups clamato juice, chilled
1 lemon wedge
2 Tablespoons rimmer spice
4 celery stalks
8 pickled beans
4 pickled carrots
vodka - optional


Have ready 4 glasses or half pint mason jars.

Put rimmer spice in a shallow bowl

Run a lemon wedge around each glass rim then immediatly dip into rimmer spice before it drips down the glass.

Place 1oz of alcohol into the bottom of each glass if desired then add a cup of clamato juice.

Stir each cup with a celery stalk.

Pierce picked beans and carrots with a long toothpick and place at edge of glass.