Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Recipe

A recipe for Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, luscious, irresistible. Make these for someone you love.


20-24 fresh strawberries
5 ounces callebaut dark chocolate
1 teaspoon grapeseed oil (or vegetable oil)
5 ounces callebaut white chocolate
1 teaspoon grapeseed oil (or vegetable oil)


Wash the strawberries and let them dry completely as the chocolate will not stick on them if they are wet.

When dry, put a toothpick into the stem end of each strawberry and put all the prepared berries onto a plate. The toothpicks will give you something to hold onto when you are dipping and garnishing your berries.

Prepare a flat dish by cutting a piece of parchment paper to fit. This is where you will place your dipped strawberries while the chocolate is hardening.

For the best flavor, use a good grade of chocolate when you are making these chocolate dipped strawberry treats.

You will need two pots for melting the chocolate as we are melting both dark chocolate and white chocolates in this recipe.

We used a double boiler for the dark chocolate and an electric chocolate melting pot for the white chocolate.

*Tip: The electric chocolate melting pot was around $10.00 to buy and if you are melting chocolate often is really a handy tool to have in your kitchen.

We like the results and flavor we get with callebaut chocolate and we buy in block form but , you can also use chocolate chips or chocolate melting wafers.

If you are using block chocolate you need to chop it into small pieces for even melting.

Melt your chocolate over medium to low head and add the 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil to each. Stir slowly with a spatula occasionally.

When the chocolate has melted, pour each color into a small glass bowl. Choose an appropriate small size bowl that you can easily dip the strawberries into.

Reserve about 1/3 of the white and dark chocolate and spoon into piping bags. When you are ready to garnish, you will cut the smallest amount off the tip of the bag to pipe the chocolate through. If you do not have piping bags you can you a small plastic baggie.

Set up your chocolate bowls beside your prepared strawberries.

Take a strawberry by the toothpick and dip it into the chocolate, roll it and do all sides, but leave some red strawberry showing at the top. Allow the excess chocolate to drip off then place the dipped berry onto your plate lined with parchment paper.

Continue until all the berries are dipped. Let the chocolate dipped berries sit for about 5 minutes at room temperature and then transfer them into the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

By allowing them to sit at room temperature first and then refrigerating, the chocolate should not crack and should be a lovely consistency when you bite into it.

Remove the dipped strawberries, cut a very small hole off the tip of the piping bag and proceed to decorate the strawberries in any way you desire.

You can drizzle on lines of chocolate to form a nice design. We drizzled on both white and dark chocolate and the results were beautiful. You do not need to be a master decorator to make these delightful chocolate dipped, chocolate drizzled strawberries! Put back into the refrigerator to harden up the chocolate drizzle.

These treats would be fine for about 3 days in the refrigerator, but not likely they would ever last that long uneaten!