Clam Chowder Soup Recipe

This clam chowder is so satisfying on a chilly day.


2 Tablespoons butter
3 slices lean bacon, chopped into small pieces
1 medium sized white onion, chopped
2 stalks celery & leaves, chopped
2 medium sized russet potatoes, peeled and chopped into small 1/4" cubes
2 carrots, chopped into small pieces or shredded
salt and pepper to taste
2 Tablespoons all purpose flour
1 pint half-and-half cream
3 cups chicken stock (canned, boxed or chicken bullion
cubes mixed into 3 cups water to make the stock)
2 (10 ounce) cans baby clams, and their juice


In a medium sized pot over medium high heat melt butter.Add bacon, onions, celery. Cook until the bacon is crispy.

If you are using lean bacon there should not be much fat.

Add stock and bring to boiling, then stir in potatoes,carrots and clams and let cook on medium heat forabout 15 minutes.

Pour the half and half cream into a small bowl , using a forkor whisk, stir in the flour and combine well. Pour about one cup of the hot soup broth into the milk and flour mixture and stir so there are no flour lumps. Once well stirred, pour this warm milk mixture back into the pot of soup. Do a little taste test of the soup and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Bring soup back to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 15-25 minutes, until potatoes are cooked and soup has thickenedto coat the back of a spoon.