Cottage Cheese Fruit Salad Recipe

This cottage cheese fruit salad is so tasty. The combination of cottage cheese, fruits, nuts and lettuces together is really fantastic and if you don't already use cottage cheese in your salads at times, you may just want to give it a try.


4-8 lettuce leaves,cleaned and crisp, choose a variety of colorful lettuce
4-6 fresh strawberries, cut into quarters
1 can mandarin orange slices
1/2 cup walnut pieces
1 cup cottage cheese (or more)
4 Tablespoons pure fruit jelly

(Makes 2 salads)


Heat the fruit jelly in a small saucepan just enough to soften. Spoon in two tablespoons of the juice from the mandarin oranges. Stir together to form a runny sauce. Let the sauce cool while you make the salad.

Rip the lettuce into large pieces and make a decorative bed of lettuce on each of the serving dishes.

Arrange the strawberries and orange slices on the lettuce bed.

Put the scoop of cottage cheese on top and garnish with a couple pieces of strawberries.

Spoon on some jelly sauce and sprinkle with walnuts.