Dill Pickles Recipe

A simple recipe for flavorful garlic and dill pickles. Homemade dill pickles just like grandmother makes.


5 lbs pickling cucumbers
6 cups water
4 cups white vinegar
1/2 cup pickling salt
1 large bunch of fresh dill
4-8 large cloves of garlic


Wash 4 quart jars in hot, soapy water or dishwasher, rinse and set aside.

Place a sprig of dill and a garlic clove or two in the bottom of each jar.

Tightly pack jars with cucumbers.

Fill a hot water bath canner half-full with water; set on burner over high heat.

In a large saucepan, bring water, vinegar and salt to boil.

Once jars are loaded, pour in the brine leaving half-inch head space in each jar.

Add lid and ring to each jar, tightening evenly.

Place jars into canner with water just covering the jars.

Place the jars into the canner with water just covering the jars and return to a boil.

Process for 10 minutes, start timing after the water has reached a boil.

Use canning tongs to transfer the jars to a clean towel on the counter and let them stand for 24 hours. The lids will make a pop noise as they cool, this is the jar sealing.

Any jars that do not seal should be refrigerated.