Reuben Sandwich Recipe

A good hearty reuben sandwich will hit the spot!


1 pound thinly sliced deli corned beef or leftover cooked corn beef
2 tbl butter - softened
8 slices marbled rye or pumpernickel bread
8 slices swiss cheese
1 - 1/2 c sauerkraut, well drained,
1/4 cup thousand island dressing (opt).
This recipe is for 4 sandwiches


Put the corned beef and swiss cheese on one piece of bread.

Heap on sauerkraut, spread dressing over sauerkraut.

Top with the 2nd piece of bread.

Melt butter in skillet or on griddle over medium heat.

Cook for about 4 minutes grilling the sandwich on both sides.

Serve warm.