Strawberry Freezer Jam Recipe

This strawberry freezer jam is especially well loved because you do not cook the berries. When you take the jar of jam from the freezer, its as close to eating fresh strawberries as you can get in taste to fresh ones.


2 pints strawberries, or enough to make 2 cups crushed strawberries
1 1/2 Tablespoons lemon juice
4 cups granulated sugar
1(3 ounce) envelope Certo

(Makes 4 cups)


This recipe makes 4 cups, so wash and rinse 2-4 jars, depending on what size you decide to you.

This is freezer jam, so wash the jars in hot soapy water, and rinsed in hot clean water.

Give the berries a rinse and remove the stems. Mash the berries by hand in a large bowl with a potato masher. It is nice to have texture to the berries.

Measure exactly 2 cups of strawberries into a large bowl along with the sugar and stir together. Once you the two well mixed, let stand for 10 minutes. Stir occasionally.

While the mixture is sitting take a small bowl or glass measuring cup and stir the Certo pectin into the lemon juice.

Once you have waiting the required 10 minutes for the berry/sugar mixture, stir in the pectin mixture with a wooden spoon or spatula.

You will need to stir for about 4 minutes until the sugar is completely dissolved and you see no grains of sugar left behind other than a bit that may be clinging to the side of the bowl.

Ladle the jam into the clean jars and leave 1/2 space at the top of each jar.

This is very important as the jam will expand when it freezes. Put a lid on each jar and leave the jam at room temperature for 24 hours to set.

Store in the freezer. This jam is good for a year. When you want to eat a jar, just transfer to the refrigerator to thaw and store any uneaten jam in the refrigerator. Good for about 3 weeks.